Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Won't Soon Forget Those Long Lines Of Voters

     Each presidential election has its memorable moments.  For me, there is one 2012 happening that stands out from the rest, and which I definitely won't forget.

It was late afternoon on Friday, four days  before election day, and my lady friend, Carol, and I were about to enter "Harry's" in downtown Gainesville.

First, however, we became engaged in conversation with two young ladies,  at a sidewalk table,  who had just come from casting their votes--doing so under Florida's early voting program. 

Across the street, a long, long line of voters stretched from the entrance to the Board of Elections to around the corner and well down the block.  The line moved painfully slow, and the wait was not minutes, but hours.  And therein was something that made that long, long line memorable.

Florida has suffered this election from well-documented and oft discussed voter suppression.  Voter rolls have been subjected to a questionable and controversial purging.  Early voting days have been cut in half.

That intended obstacle has been overcome, however, by voter determination--the willingness to do whatever it takes to be able to cast a vote.

There was no grumbling in that long, long line--during that long, long wait.  There was only an air of what I would call happy defiance.

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  1. A busy man like you should not have to stand in line for hours. You could have hired someone as a surrogate and put your time to better use, e.g., interviewing the folks on the line for a future column.