Saturday, November 3, 2012

How The GOP Of 2012 Will Be Remembered

     Only days before the presidential election, the Grand Old Party is, indeed, a confusing mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

There's a wonderful example of the good that is emanating from the unfolding, tragic aftermath of hurricane Sandy,  It's often sharp-tongued Republican Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey being effusive in his praise of Barack Obama for his handling of this historic natural disaster.

Christie is a strong, vocal supporter of Republican challenger Mitt Romney, and he has been highly critical of President Obama's past performance, policies,  and proposals.

But he is now relating to all who will listen how political opposites can work together in a non-partisan way when the need for cooperation arises,

As Governor of the state hit hardest by Sandy, Christie has been called on for comment by virtually every TV network.  And with each interview about the handling of the crisis, Christie gives credit where credit is due, and no one is given more credit than the President.

Noteworthy,  also, is Christie.s appreciation for the speedy assistance provided by the federal government, in general, and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), in particular.

Coming near the end of a bitter presidential election cycle, Governor Christie's words are most welcome.  Something good about the Republican party.  Something  encouraging for America.  Perhaps even something hopeful for the gridlock in Congress.

But while Chris Christie's remarks show the good of the GOP, a bold-faced lie by Mitt Romney  is a sad example of the bad. 

Campaigning in Ohio, Romney has told audiences that a Jeep automobile plant is about to close, with its jobs being outsourced to China.  Even though he has been called out for the lie by the press and the pundits, Romney has doubled down by running  an ad making the same false claim.

And then there is the ugly--the continuing innuendos and suggestive remarks that keep the race card in play.

 John Sununu--former Governor of New Hampshire, and a Romney surrogate--attributed Colin Powell's endorsement of President Obama to their both being men of color.

There is much that is good about the Republican party.   But sadly, the good is being marred by so much that is bad--and ugly,  And that is how the GOP of 2012 will be remembered.

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  1. All the noise aside, this presidential election comes down to a choice between a socialist who wants to make everybody equal and beholden to the state and a compassionate conservative who wants to allow people to be all that they can be and to restore the work, moral and religious values of a nation which once was the envy of the world.