Thursday, November 1, 2012

For Democrats A Beautiful Sound -- The Fat Lady Warming Up

     "It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings", but she's warming up,  and she may as well start warbling now.   This presidential race is over.

At least that is what I take away from a close look at the latest polls--those released yesterday and today, and conducted just prior to the arrival of hurricane Sandy.

There are polls, and then there are polls.  There are left-leaning and right leaning polls, and then there are strictly non-partisan, independent polls, conducted and produced by straight shooters, who have a history of accuracy.

Delving into polls of the latter kind is to see a second term as President for Barack Obama.  Numbers don't lie.

President Obama, who most politicos acknowledge has been assured blue state wins, totaling 237 electoral college votes, from the outset, has been  building a firewall of three mid west battleground states, which--no matter what  happened elsewhere--would get him to the 270 electoral votes needed for victory.

There's Ohio, where the President enjoys a five-point lead,  There's Iowa, where he has widened his lead to six points.  And there's Wisconsin, where his lead is three points.

Should  Obama supporters think the three-point lead in Wisonsin is too close for comfort, they can substitute on their mental tally sheet Virginia, where the President leads by four points.  Then there's Nevada, which is strong for Obama, and trending away from Romney, and which, when combined with New Hampshire, provides further backup.

Important to note, and all the more reason to think the race is over, is  the dwindling number of undecided voters in the President's firewall states--only four percent in Ohio, two percent in Iowa, and three percent in Wisconsin.

The Obama camp doesn't need Florida, but the Sunshine state is up for grabs--currently a statistical tie.

All of this good news for Democrats comes before the national bump for the Democratic ticket that is expected by both parties as a result of the President's impressive handling 0f the hurricane Sandy disaster.

More and more in the days ahead, Democrats will be enjoying the fat lady's singing, as Republicans cover their ears.


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  1. You need to get a hold of yourself, Bill. Your heart cannot take all this excitement. Let's hope you are not plunged suddenly from the heights of exhilaration to the depths of despair, if Obama were to lose.