Sunday, November 4, 2012

Early Voting Should Be Expanded -- With The Rules The Same Everywhere

     There's an idea for improving the presidential election process that is gaining support and getting some traction.  Election day should be a national holiday, some say, so as to make it easier for workers to get to the polls.

Bad idea and not necessary,  Another holiday would hurt the economy.  No need to do that.

Instead, make the two weeks before the first Tuesday in November early voting days--in all 50 states.  Make the dates and the hours and the rules the same everywhere.

Making the process uniform and easier would improve the currently anemic percentage of Americans who vote, and would make for a more enthusiastic electorate,

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  1. We need as a people to be better educated about our civic duties - take responsibility. I am for anything that will help turn out more people to exercise their sacred privilege of voting.