Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Charlie Crist -- 2014's Comeback Kid?

     Seeing Charlie Crist serve as an energetic, enthusiastic surrogate for President Obama in the waning days of the presidential campaign tells me we may soon be witness to another change of political allegiance by the former Republican Florida governor.

Now operating as an independent, Crist could quite possibly effect a return to prominence and power were he to join the Democratic party.

Charlie Crist fell out of favor in GOP circles when he embraced Barack Obama--literally and figuratively--when, as Governor, he met with the President to voice his approval of the controversial  federal stimulus program. 

 That act of "treason" caused the Republican party to favor Marco Rubio over Crist in a subsequent primary fight for a U.S. Senate seat.  Charlie Crist lost that bid, and his political career seemed to be over.

Meanwhile, Florida's current Republican Governor, Rick Scott, faces a difficult reelection campaign in 2014.  His woeful job approval polling numbers and his personal unpopularity left him ostracized during the presidential campaign,  Mitt Romney appeared with him but once in 11 months.

Pitting Crist--still popular with Floridians--against Scott in the race for governor in 2014 makes sense--for Crist and for the Democratic party.

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  1. Charlie Crist is probably maneuvering for a job in the Obama administration to get him out of the state. He's already been governor. The thrill is gone.