Monday, November 5, 2012

About The Winner & Loser Come Wednesday

     We are scant hours from election day, 2012,  and soon--finally--it will all be over.

For one of our presidential candidates, the results will be the cause of nearly inconsolable sorrow,  and will almost certainly mean the abrupt end to a political career.

One of them--Barack Obama or Mitt Romney--will exit the publc arena with cancelled dreams--tortured by thoughts of what might have been.

The thunderous ovations from adoring, massive crowds on Monday, will be but a melancholy memory as of Wednesday.

The loser will, however, have a choice of paths to follow.  He can fade into relative obscurity--retiring from public life.  Or he can follow the lead of defeated presidential candidates John McCain and John Kerry and continue to serve his country.

For the winner tomorrow, a myriad of challenges awaits.  But,  those challenges are also opportunities, and hopefully the President-elect will seize them and carry us forward.

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