Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Googling Your Way To Better Health

In the last few weeks, I've come to look upon an apple or a banana as I occasionally look upon a favorite song.

Sometimes I listen to a tune I love over and over--until finally I feel a need to take a break and listen to something else. It's that way now with both apples and bananas. I've always enjoyed them, and I know that they are good for me, but I just have a hankering to try something else until, like that favorite song, I get the urge to have them again.

And so I went looking for something that was both a healthy substitute and reasonably appetizing. Such a search is easy in today's world. Finding an answer for anything is just a google away. I went to a number of websites, including and

It didn't take long to come up with something exciting, that sent me off to the market--to pick up blueberries. I knew that fresh blueberries would be expensive, but I knew also, from my research, that frozen blueberries were more moderately priced, and tasted just as good, and might be even healthier.

The blueberries turned out to be a wonderful change of pace--great for snacking and a colorful, tasty addition to my whole wheat Total in the morning. And as for being a healthy choice, I found an interesting online comparison to apples.

The old adage, "an apple a day keeps the Doctor away", may well have some truth to it, but blueberries have even more nutritional value. Fiber, antitoxidents, and a variety of vitamins make blueberries a jackpot of nutrition.

How easy it is, and how much fun it can be, to add a little more variety to your diet. You can literally google yourself to better health.